The Noble Book from Qum’ram – Surat 135 (Ursus) The Bear from the latin – Ursas the Bigger and the Smaller Universe(s) upgraded from the greater and the lessor constellations that resemble a bear.


everything begins at JC Angelcraft ….everything begins at Jesus Christ


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The Noble Book from Qum’ram – Surat 135 from the King of Angels your servant the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world


Crown Conservation Environmental and Preservation An Open Public Works Society -Paintings- Holy Family – Flight to Egypt- By Jacob Jordaens the Elder Bapitized May 19 1593 Flemish Painter


00 Ave Verum Corpus – The Noble Book from Qum’ram – Surat 135  (The Bear from the latin – Ursas the Bigger and the Smaller Universe(s) upgraded from the greater and the lessor constellations and from URSA – the She Bear  – Good Scripture is Universal and written to bare all things, to tolerate all things, to love all things and to forgive all things – I am the way the truth and the life nobody comes to the Father but by me – Adagio 1st the reincarnation of Jesus Christ the lamb of the Holy Spirit who takes away the sins of the world  – cordially your servant the King of Angels.


01 Ave Verum Corpus – A body of evidence, a body of works, a body of correction instruction and reproof and a body of righteous and fair Judgment tolerant of the crimes of the innocent,

Sea Otters
Sea Otters

02. Ave Verum Corpus – a body of Grace and Understanding.  The ways of the world are the ways of man let no man be greater than another but all share in the inheritance of truth and grace.

Crown Conservation - Photo 1 - Zen Photography los moscateros - the four Muskateers otters as babies

03. Ave Verum Corpus – a Body of Great Mercy and Redemption and respect for life giving truth and life saving truth more than dead traditions that have offended God (Allah.)

Crown Conservation - Photo 1 - Zen Photography rescuing a baby beaver orphaned from a very young age

04. Ave Verum Corpus . A body of Revelation that without its prophet the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Islam would not be a body of 2.5 Billion Christian Muslim Jewish Zoroastrian Monotheists Mormon loving Mexican Hindu loving Adherents of the Nameless One of the Tao.

Angelcraft Crown Conservation – Meet Luna the Shedd Aquarium’s newest little baby sea otter

05. Ave Verum Corpus – Without love grace mercy and truth, the way of moderation in Islam would not exist.

Crown Conservation - Photo 1 - Zen Photography - a Big Fish Tale - Beaver telling other beavers his story of how Big the Fish was -

06. Ave Verum Corpus- With the redemption and forgiveness of Christ Jesus the Spirit of Man,  Islam and all believers of all walks of life and of all good creeds – can embrace Right Thinking, Right Ambition and Right Living and apply always both the Greater perspective and the Detailed perspective to their Monotheistic life.

Crown Conservation - Photo 1 - Zen Photography Two Sneaky Baby Otters

07. This is the new school of the Mahayana and the Hinayana applied by religious minded people of all walks of life and of all creeds and beliefs and from all over the world.

Crown Conservation - Photo 1 - Zen Photography a very very young little baby otter

08 Ave Verum Corpus – The Greater Perspective the Mahayana a general tolerance for humans – a religious minded race of self determined – angels born again over and over into a steadlity progressive world to be help and teach one another in the ways of Tolerance and Peace for all good religions and cultures that by Providence and Mercy all share the Same God, the same Holy Spirit.

Crown Conservation - a super fluffy sea otter paw scrubs his eyes

09. Ave Verum Corpus – Tolerance – The Hinayana the detailed perspective..

10. The Children of Allah (God) are a diverse group of Muslims and Christians and Unique individual religious believers worldwide that hold fast to their hearts and their minds understanding of love and tolerance these are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the desire that you should love and care for one another. Be Kind to one another and do good to one another and to pray for those who persecute or criticize your personal religious beliefs about God about the Holy Spirit.

11. It is important that in your humility and conservative lifestyle that you understand a different for of piety and a piety of Obedience to your musical and creative talent and piety toward your drive and your will to be a good sportsman a good worker a good employer a good ruler a good administrator and good royal citizen each in your own theocracy showing goodwill to others always and defending the goodness of God, defending the goodness of the Holy Spirit whose warrior spirit rests controlled inside mankind and channeled through sport.

12. The Goodness of Traditions are only as good as we that build upon the knowledge that helps to preserve their honor and respect with greater traditions and great wisdom knowledge understanding and peace amongst and with our brothers and sisters around the world.


13. Writ Authorized by Our Precious Tender Holy Spirit my Creator My Mother and Father and the Ruler of My Innermost Parts and Knower of all my past lives and of my every thought and emotion and ambition inside every crevice of my eternal soul, revealer of Truth and our Champion against the conspiracy of  Lies –  Ecrit par -Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio 1st – (Principe Adagio) (Nom Divin) JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni Aga Khan V – (Adagio 1st) Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Esoritvs – (Ruling Name)Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft – the son of the Holy Spirit the messenger and messengers, a prophet, a teacher and a priest your servant and the King of Angels and endowed as JV Vicario Judicialis the Judge of the Earth and  To Judge the Earth and all that is in it,

14. I The Judge of this World and the King of Angels bless you and beseech you to take my yoke upon you for I too like my Father am meek and Lowly of Heart and my burden is light.

15. Ave Verum Corpus – My peace you have my peace I give you and I bless you with the peace of the Holy Spirit that surpasses all understanding.



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JV Verbvm Dei the Word of God is as sharp or sharper than a sword with two edges the sword of justice will forever be the terror of fallen angelsLa Couronne Monde.corpvs (93)un-metafora-a-la-virgin-maria-por-el-santo-espiritu-de-mujerLa Couronne Monde.corpvs (27)interpol-son-altesse-royale-jose-maria-chavira-ms-adagio-1st-dominus-dominorum-est-et-rex-regum-et-reginarumAngelcraft-Crown World-Devlopment-Foundation.corpvsThe Angelcraft Foundation for Education Fundacion JC Angelcraft A.CAGEO Angelcraft Crown Aeronautical Aerospace Corporation.corpvsLa œuvre de bienfaisance le établissement du Angelcraft Couronne Fondement pour l'éducation -Tout à la conscience, Tout de bonne volonté, Tout d'amourBlason Filia Dei Son Altesse Royale Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi Raineer1st-InvertedLa Couronne Monde.corpvs La Sainte Trinité


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